Hi there! If you are still here, I hope you are doing well. And if any new people find this long abandoned blog, welcome. It’s been a while, right? My last blog post dates back to February 16. Who knew what was about to happen back then… While it feels a bit strange to be focussing on the more superficial things in life right now, at the moment it also feels as a welcome distraction.

I have been working from home since March 6 and apart from a trip to the lovely Harz area in Germany (which was allowed in the Summer) I haven’t been out much. I started a small webshop in houseplants on Etsy which has been keeping me busy on my days off. But for the most part, I have been at home trying to follow the restrictions placed upon us. Needless to say, there hasn’t been any need to dress up. I’ve been spending most of my days in jeans or sweatpants and a sweater/hoodie for the simple reason of not wanting to get my pretty clothes covered in cat hair.

Of course I did find some time to do some internet shopping and I found this awesome online shop where they custom lapel pins based on your chosen design, and made a little list of my purchases of 2020, as I do every year. I haven’t been planning much, like I used to do back in the day when I followed the 5 piece French wardrobe method of shopping. But I’ve gotten used to the idea of purchasing less and investing in better quality and no longer scroll through endless pages of products without purpose.

Wardrobe overview: purchases of 2020

First of all, I purchased a lovely camel cashmere sweater from Mango. I don’t have much experience with their cashmere but I really liked the polo neck so I decided to take a chance. I especially like how they styled it with the white shirt and gold jewellery (which I never wear but whatever). The Isabel Marant Charly blazer is my latest purchase. I’ve had my eyes on it for quite a while and it was finally on sale. It runs slightly big as I suspected so I can get away with a size smaller than usual – which was the only size left.

Wardrobe overview: purchases of 2020

These two purchases are probably a little out of the ordinary for me but I feel strangely attracted to that neon-ish yellow colour. Both are from Filippa K, a Swedish sustainable clothing brand for those of you that didn’t know already. To be honest, I still don’t really know how the wear that thin knitted sweater. Just a bra would be a bit too much and most tanktops didn’t look right. So I’m still looking for a good solution although I think something white, as pictured above, would work best.

Wardrobe overview: purchases of 2020

Yes, more Filippa K. I found this suit on sale halfway through summer, if I remember correctly. I call it a suit but I don’t know if it actually is. It matches perfectly though, fabric and colour-wise. I like that it’s a little bit more casual. Although for a moment I did fear somewhat of a resemblance to a certain North Korean dictator haha. But I can make it work. The sheer t-shirt is quite delicate, more than I had initially anticipated but it was too lovely to return.

Wardrobe overview: purchases of 2020

I didn’t expect to do another one of these round ups so I unfortunately didn’t save all of the images throughout the year. But I was able to find most. Like this H&M zebra mock neck sweater that I was on the hunt for, for weeks. It kept selling out and all of a sudden it was back, and on sale! I pair it with a blazer because it’s pretty skin tight and I don’t like it that way unless I’m wearing wider, smart trousers for some reason. The knitted sweater on the right has to be one of the warmest knits that I currently own. The only downside is that it’s pretty much a stain magnet with that off-white colour.

I couldn’t find a picture of the black/green maxi dress but if you have been reading this blog, I don’t wear dresses or skirts very often. So it needs to be really good in order for me to buy something. This one is so easy, it’s like a very long casual belted blouse. I found an old picture here if you want to get an idea. Finally, I bought two sweat suits. A bit much maybe, yeah. But I don’t like wearing my regular clothes around the house as I mentioned above. I spotted my queen Kourtney Kardashian with red lipstick and a bright red sweat suit and was sold immediately.

I kept it fairly low-key with the accessories this year. Somehow, I lost my simple black belt that I’ve had for years so I replaced it with this fancier Filippa K leather croc belt. Let’s hope this will last me at least ten years like the last one. The Heather sunglasses are prescription glasses by Ace & Tate, my favourite brand. They are pretty affordable for prescription glasses and get confused with Céline all the time. Obviously, I don’t mind. I like buying stuff that gets you that expensive chic look without breaking the bank.

I also bought a travel bag (the new 24/7 bag) by Susan Bijl, a Dutch brand. She’s been making these for years and the new colour ways always lure me in. I couldn’t choose between the Burgundy/Greenscreen and Pistachio/Burgundy. But the latter won when I saw them in real life. Lastly, I purchased the Isabel Marant Alsee sneakers on sale (and partly with a gift card from work, thank you very much!). I’m feeling that 80’s/90’s retro vibe and I’m about to retire a pair of reebok retro sneakers anyway. I haven’t received them yet, so we’ll have to see if they’re keepers.


If you made it all the way down here, well done LOL. I hope you enjoyed another yearly roundup of wardrobe purchases. I think I did okay, especially compared to some of the previous years. Most of these items were bought on sale. I rarely feel the need anymore to buy something for full price out of fear that it might sell out. Except for the Mango sweater because that sold out FAST! But even the more expensive websites such as MyTheresa offer occasional discount codes nowadays so I usually just take a chance and wait. That way I was able to buy my Loewe Puzzle bag with 10% off last year. And if you do miss out… there will always be the next blazer, sweater, pair of shoes etc. Let’s be honest haha.

As far as resolutions for next year; I would like to buy even less fast fashion brands such as H&M. I let myself get a bit carried away with corona and the need to make myself more comfortable at home but not wanting to spend a lot of money on it. Or better said, I would like to buy even less overall. This year I already cut down considerably on the shoe purchases so that’s something I’d like to keep up. Here’s a list of every purchase in case this blog post was TL;DR for you.


  • & Other Stories polo sweater
  • Filippa K neon-shirt
  • Filippa K black t-shirt
  • Filippa K suit
  • Filippa K neon sweater
  • H&M red sweat suit
  • H&M soft pink sweat suit
  • Mango cashmere polo sweater
  • H&M green/black dress
  • H&M zebra mock neck sweater
  • Isabel Marant Charly blazer


  • Ace & Tate sunglasses
  • Filippa K leather belt
  • Susan Bijl travel bag
  • Isabel Marant Alsee sneakers

How did you do this year? Did you buy more or less than you previously anticipated? Any favourite purchases that you would like to share?

Just two quick mirror outfits if you don’t mind. This winter is a pretty unusual winter. Yesterday marked the warmest February day ever recorded with 16 degrees Celsius. Crazy, right?! Kind of a shame because I was hoping February would be a cold one, allowing me to wear my thickest knits. Instead, I wore my &Other Stories blazer yesterday as a coat.

Speaking of, don’t you love it when you can finally wear something again? I can honestly say that I looked forward to wearing that (old) Céline trio bag and &Other Stories blazer again. Even though it’s labeled as a blazer, it’s much too thick and warm to wear inside. I see it hanging in my closet everyday and was pleasantly surprised when the sun was shining yesterday and I could wear it out.

Sometimes I ask D. what he thinks of my outfits. And he always compliments me, saying that I dress better than most. I don’t know, to be honest. I hope I do. Most of the things that I wear are nothing special but I hope they stand apart because of their fit and material which are my main concerns when buying something new. That’s why I love that blazer so much. The wool feels soft and luxurious and the sharply cut shoulders really give it that tailored, expensive fit.

The first outfit was worn out and about yesterday. I wore the blazer on top of my navy blue Uniqlo cashmere sweater and Hema organic cotton t-shirt. The wide-legged jeans are still going strong, I love how comfortable they are. I rarely wear skinny jeans anymore. These Reebok sneakers are my second pair and I like them so much more than the Stan Smiths that I used to wear. They’re a bit more narrow and lined with fabric so super warm. For accessories I reached for my trusty Céline trio bag and A.P.C. scarf. So nothing new really.

The second outfit is slightly less casual. I was on the hunt for that &Other Stories sweater for weeks. As usual, I waited too long and it sold out. I guess I kind of liked the idea of a wool sweater with a preppy polo feel to it which seems to be having a moment right now. I paired it with my black Levi’s Ribcage jeans and Zara boots.

What are you looking forward to wearing again this year?

The last six months of 2019 I didn’t buy anything except for few replacements. I stopped using Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration and didn’t check any online stores. A good thing, right? It also means that I neglected this blog but I do have some future posts in mind so hopefully that will make up for it. Removing myself from all online style and/or outfit inspiration also means that I missed out on a few items that, in hindsight, I actually would have wanted to buy.

While I was making this list, I realised that most of the things on it aren’t considered timeless but rather trendy. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, I’m sure you know that I’ve talked about ‘classic’ and ‘timeless’ pieces over and over again. But let’s face it, sometimes you’re just attracted to a particular trend. With a basic wardrobe such as mine, it’s easy to incorporate trends but should it be something that I want to do? I honestly don’t know. Although I feel that fashion should be fun and something to enjoy, there’s also that feeling of guilt when I no longer like a piece of clothing that I kind of knew wouldn’t withstand the test of time. But let’s get to the list:

  1. I gave up on Isabel Marant years ago. Too expensive, the quality was no longer the same etc. But a short visit to the Isabel Marant store a few weeks ago instantly rekindled a long lost love affair. Mind you, I still find most of the clothes and accessories too expensive. I don’t mind paying for quality, but within reason. I’m not going to shill out €1000 for a coat. But instead, I will consider something if it goes on sale. In this case I was looking for the Gabrion coat that I first spotted in Karen’s video or the shorter version, the Gaston coat. Well, long story short, they’re both sold out everywhere and quite frankly, I cannot justify another coat. Instead I found this Mango jacket that’s very reminiscent of that collection and could work as a more casual jacket for indoors. Naturally, it’s also sold out.
  2. The same goes for this particular beanie. Also sold out and nowhere to be found. So I might go for Dutch brand Le Bonnet which sells beanies in a wide range of colours. I could opt for black, beige or another subdued colour but I’m actually contemplating maybe a bright orange or red. But I need to consider; am I going to invest in a bright coloured wool beanie that may only be fun for this season or do I stick with safe, classic neutrals?
  3. Yes, I can most definitely buy a random €15 hair brush. And it will probably do the job but I’m stubborn and want to find out for myself if this classic Mason Pearson hair brush is everything everyone is raving about on the internet and in real life.
  4. I tried on a similar wool-blend hat in the Isabel Marant store and low and behold, it actually looked really good. Don’t you hate it when that happens? I may consider it with further price reductions. But as I only saw it for the first time three weeks ago, I’m going to need a little more time to see if it really sticks with me. Is it too trendy, I don’t know.
  5. Arket does pretty bags from time to time. But again, just another thing I don’t really need. It isn’t even that practical. It’s small and I prefer cross body bags.
  6. Oh this will definitely be a future purchase. It’s a shame that I’m not wearing my favourite red lipstick right now because I still need to buy a lip liner. It needs to match Chanel’s Pirate but I think they no longer sell that Rouge Profond lip pencil that was a good match. Hopefully this one works as well.
  7. Another Isabel Marant inspired item; the Regina slouchy jeans. Do these even look good on anyone except models? I need to know so I tried to order them two times now and for some reason they keep sending me the wrong size. Zalando, the last time I wore a size 34, I must have been 16. Come on now.

So there you have it, a list of things that are sold out, I don’t need or I can’t seem to order in the right size LOL. My apologies, it’s probably not that interesting to read. But writing things down sometimes helps to get them out of my head. And I also like to use this blog as a way to document my style over the years. Although it doesn’t seem to have changed that much.

As for balancing trends and classics, I don’t have a clear answer. I will probably always find myself drawn to certain trends. Some I ignore. Some become staples in my wardrobe long after the hype is gone but I also own a few things that I won’t wear for years to come. Right now, I try to maintain a balance of 85-15% between more timeless pieces and things that will spice up my wardrobe for as long as they last.

What are your thoughts on trends and a timeless wardrobe? Is that something that you strive for?

Don’t you hate it when you’re proud of yourself that you actually managed to cut down on clothing purchases the past 6 months and then the sales hit? Yeah, me too. I bought not one, but two striped tops these past two weeks. Because as we all know, you can never own too many striped shirts or sweaters. So let me tell you about my new two purchases and while I’m at it, which striped tops I think are worth your money.

The Isabel Marant Étoile sweater probably doesn’t qualify as your typical classic striped top but it’s a stripe nevertheless. I figured a hint of colour would do my wardrobe some good. I cleaned my closet a few weeks ago and I had to conclude that white, black and navy blue make up for 99% of my wardrobe. I first spotted it at the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam but after trying it on, I quickly did an internet search and found it for €40 less and free shipping. Easy decision right?

The A.P.C. top turned out a little different than I expected from the pictures but it made me like it even more. It looks black and white but is actually more of a creme colour with navy blue stripes. It’s quite boxy, has a boat neck and the 3/4 sleeves are always a plus in my book. So different enough from my Comme des Garçons shirts to warrant to purchase. D. was a bit sceptical and asked: “Are you sure you like those splits on the sides?” He knows I like my clothes as simple as possible. But yes, I do, on this shirt.

As for brands that I recommend if you are looking for a breton shirt?

  • Comme des Garçons Play. They come in different colours and everyone loves that red little heart on the chest. I’ve gotten so many compliments and both of them still look wonderful. I’ve had one of them for at least 5 years and wear them regularly. I prefer the mens version because it’s not as fitted and a tiny bit longer.
  • Saint James does the striped shirt as no other. T-shirts, long sleeves, knitted sweaters… And I’m also a sucker for heritage brands. They do different styles so there’s something for everyone. I personally prefer the unisex Minquiers Moderne shirt and can also highly recommend the Maree II merino sweater.
  • Another favourite brand is Petit Bateau. The Bayure shirt ticks all the boxes. Not too fitted, slightly boxy and a boat neck.
  • A.P.C. has different striped shirts every season. So it’s pretty hit or miss if you’re as particular as I can be. The one above is currently on sale (also comes in a dress). The new version is up now on the A.P.C. website. I also recommend the striped t-shirts if you’re looking for one.
  • To be honest, I don’t own any striped tops by Uniqlo. But I’m impressed with the overall quality of the brands clothes so I’m 99% sure these shirts will not disappoint. This particular one resembles the fit and colour from that A.P.C. top apart from the longer sleeves.