Holiday gift guide

Yes, another holiday gift guide! No wait… I promise it’s going to be good. I hate stuff that serves no purpose other than collecting dust in your house, so I’ve only selected things that actually come in handy, or someone would wear a lot.  Some are really affordable, others a bit more expensive. But it all depends on your budget of course. I know I would be happy with any one of these items, cheap or not, and perhaps you would be too (or your friends and loved ones). Let me take you through it. 1. Fashionology silver necklace (€35) – what’s not to love. Perfect for every day. 2. Topshop cashmere hat (€59) – I’m addicted to cashmere. I love how warm and soft it is. Quite expensive, but well worth your money. 3. APC cardholder (€85) – I could definitely use this cardholder. My wallet only has room for 4 cards and I always lose the rest. It’s also great for when you’re wearing a small bag that doesn’t fit a lot. 4. That same goes for the Comme des Garçons pouch (€70). 5. And finally a small mirror. My Balenciaga bag came with a small mirror, but when I’m carrying another bag, this would be great for when there’s an entire meal stuck between my teeth. 

holiday-gift-guide-16. HEMA longer lasting lipstick (€3,50) – a beautiful cool red matte color and super affordable. Seriously, if you’re not going to buy it as a gift, buy it for yourself. No regrets, I swear. 7. Case Scenario marble iPhone cover (€20) – anything marble is always a good idea. Right now I have a transparent iPhone cover that turns yellow after just a few weeks. This is already my second one, but I definitely need a replacement soon. 8. HAY comb (€11) – one of my favorite brands. I love their minimalist designs and would buy the entire collection if it wasn’t so darn expensive. This pretty comb is great for HAY lovers on a budget. 9. Malin & Goetz Cannabis candle (€14) – no, I’m not trying to sell you drugs! Although it’s easy to get addicted to the scent of this candle. Even my boyfriend loves it. The large one might be a little too much, price-wise, but the small one would make a nice, somewhat confusing, gift. 10. H&M leather gloves (€20) – are great for everyone, male or female. 11. Fashionology silver bar studs (€15) – small delicate jewelry is always on my wish list. I recently lost one of the only tiny silver studs I own. So a replacement like these would be nice.