The search for the perfect t-shirt

To me, one of the most important basics in a wardrobe is the t-shirt. A simple white t-shirt to be more precise. Whether you like yours fitted or slouchy, thick or sheer, you can never go wrong with a white tee. I love the easiness and versatility of it. It can be worn casually on it’s own or used as a layering piece underneath a sweater or blazer. There’s only one drawback when it comes to this wardrobe staple. Because it’s so simple, it needs to be perfect.

Fabric: Cotton tees, like this way maker shirt, have my personal preference, but linen t-shirts are great as well. Especially when temperatures are rising, these shirts will keep you cool. Unfortunately linen wrinkles like crazy, so be prepared to iron. Lyocell/tencell is a fabric that requires zero ironing and feels and looks a lot like silk (for the lazy, yet chic ladies amongst us).

Fit: Oversized or fitted, that is the question. I vote slightly oversized. Why? Because that’s what looks best on me. I feel too body conscious for figure hugging tees. But if you like your shirts fitted, please do the world a favour and avoid a bra that’s too tight. You know what I mean..

Neckline: There are quite a few options when it comes to a t-shirt’s neckline. The V neck is generally considered the most flattering neckline for all body types. But I suggest you try different t-shirts to see what works for you (boatneck, rounded neckline etc.).

Sleeves: My former favourite t-shirt by Isabel Marant has a cap sleeve that looks really flattering. But unfortunately it has a hole in the front and I don’t know if I can fix it without being noticeable. In general though, a regular short sleeve is a better option for me. Which looks much nicer on a slightly oversized tee anyway.

Below you’ll find three of my favourites options in different price ranges. At the moment I’m practically living in the last tee from H&M. I love the rolled up sleeve, the neckline and the fit. So pretty much perfect. Now let’s see what it looks after a few washes…

Etoile Isabel Marant ($175) / Frame Denim ($80,00) / H&M ($9,95)

What are your requirements for the perfect t-shirt? And did you find it already or are you still looking?

Image: Pinterest