It’s in the details

According to both my hairdressers, I am blessed with very easy hair. And I suppose they’re right. Thank god actually, because I’d rather spend another 10 more minutes in bed than blowdrying my hair. Just a quick shower and I’m out the door with wet hair. When I arrive at work, it’s dry and there’s always someone asking me if I went to the hairdresser again. Uh no, I washed it?

But speaking of details, I’m wearing my new silk blouse by & Other Stories. I decided to send the H&M blouse back. The washed black colour was beautiful, but the fit wasn’t at all flattering; very square cut and insanely wide. A couple of weeks back I tried the & Other Stories blouse and was pleasantly surprised. Only to find a small snag in one of the front panels and so I left crying and empty handed. But luckily they restock every once in a while and I found one in my size just last week. Feels a bit strange though, to be wearing something that isn’t black, white or grey. How daring of me, right? I even added a Celine-esque hairpin to complete the picture.

Now that I crossed that silk blouse of my list, I do need to remind myself to slow down a little. It was only a little over a week ago that I posted my wish list for fall/winter and I’m already hunting down the next item. This is why I both love and hate the end of the year. It’s my favourite time to shop, because I’m a sucker for coats, knits etc. but I also tend to get a little carried away. So a small confession from my side: after all of these years living by those 5 piece French wardrobe rules, it’s still hard occassionaly.