Exciting Everlane news!

Oh dear, it seems as though Christmas has arrived early in the form of temporary international shipping by Everlane. From today until Sunday November 22, Everlane is shipping to 50 countries for a flat rate shipping fee of $15. Truthfully, I’m excited and slightly bummed at the same time. I’ve been contemplating a purchase for months, maybe even a year already, but now that I finally get the chance I feel a bit overwhelmed. I just spend a good amount on my A.P.C. bag and I would feel terribly guilty to spend yet another large sum of money on clothes etc. And also, if I do decide to make a purchase, what am I supposed to get and which size do I need? It’s all so good!

One of the things that’s on my mind is their cashmere turtleneck. Remember, I posted one in my fall/winter wish list post. The price seems quite reasonable but I like my sweaters a bit oversized and the large size in black is all sold out. So now I’m wondering if I should get it in medium. I compared the measurements to my Uniqlo sweater, which I find perfectly oversized, and it seems as though the Everlane sweater in medium is even a tad larger in the chest area. Should be fine right? Ugh, sometimes I hate shopping online especially when it’s so difficult to return something and I’m not sure about the sizing. At least I still have a couple more days to decide. For now I’ll leave you with some of my favourites. Oh and please let me know if you have any recommendations!