What’s underneath

Just last week I threw away some old underwear which was in a pretty sad state to be honest. I kept remembering that one thing my grandmother always tells me: “What if you have an accident and you end up in the hospital with your worn out underwear full of holes. What will people think of you?” I figured she’s probably right and I would hate to leave an awful first impression even though this comes from the same grandmother who refused to take me anywhere when I was a teen and wearing my oversized skater outfits. So obviously I had to wear my most atrocious outfit every time we were supposed to go somewhere just to freak her out. Sweet memories!

But anyway I digress. Even though I have always settled for the most simple and comfortable underwear, I recently realised that I don’t have to compromise when it comes to looks or comfort. So I developed a light obsession with lace bras and their delicate and feminine look. It’s a bit strange actually, because I can buy the most awful looking thing as long as it’s utterly comfortable (you should see the slippers I wear at home), but when it needs to look good, I become extremely picky. So it took me a while to finally find the perfect bra. But let me tell you: even though it may not be visible, lingerie is definitely worth investing in.

Speaking of underwear, have you seen the new & Other Stories lingerie campaign? With their A/W collection the brand wants to show us a more natural kind of beauty. None of the models have been retouched, thus showing us scars, tattoos and birth marks. Another great initiative is the What’s underneath project by StyleLikeU; a project that is meant to show that style isn’t about the clothing you wear, but what’s underneath. If you have a little time to spare, it’s worth checking out some of the videos here.



Heidi Klum Intimates ($63), Simone Pérèle ($105), Kiki de Montparnasse ($175)