A long term wishlist

Or, that list if money wasn't an issue...

Because, don’t we all have one? A list of covetable pieces for which you have an inexplicable desire. Quite often well out of our range, price wise. For now, or maybe forever. Or perhaps they are within range but you’re just not ready to bite the bullet because you know they are ridiculously expensive and how the hell are you going to justify the purchase. Or am I just projecting, LOL. Anyway, a girl can dream right? These are the 5 items that have long graced my long term wishlist.

Chanel two-tone ballet flats

It doesn’t get more classic than this. I first saw these flats at around 2009, I think. The French / minimalist style blogs were on the rise and I spotted this one image of a girl with black skinny jeans, an Isabel Marant like coat and a pair of creme/black Chanel flats. She looked so effortlessly chic. The image should be somewhere on my computer or external disk but sadly, I couldn’t find it. But you get the idea from the image below.

I tried these flats on once, in Antwerp, about 8 years ago. They looked and felt amazing but at the time I wasn’t in the position to spend that much money on a pair of flats. I still somewhat regret it as the price has increased a lot since then. Honestly, I don’t know if they’re worth the price anymore. Let me know if you have any experience with these shoes. For now, I will stick to my Repetto flats.

Long term wishlist Chanel two-tone ballet flats Max Mara coat

Max Mara 10801 Icon coat

Another classic. I’ve had a penchant for long camel coloured coats for ages. I bought my first one 10 years ago at H&M when I had finally gathered enough confidence to wear it. Anyway, the 10801 Icon coat is THE coat of al camel coloured dream coats. God, I’m such a sucker for oversized coats… I could see myself wearing this for the rest of my life. 30 degrees celsius? Whatever, hold on, let me grab my cashmere Max Mara coat.

Firstly introduced in 1981, it remains a timeless piece that exudes simplicity and elegance. It doesn’t matter if you are 25 or 75 years old, it’s suitable for all ages. Of course it would look brilliant with a pair of leather boots or flats but I can see myself wearing it with a pair of sneakers as well. To be honest, this coat will never be in my possession unless I win a lottery but if I ever get the chance to try it on, I’ll make sure to have my diva moment.

Cartier Tank Française watch

I don’t know how many times one can use the term ‘classic’ but I’m afraid this post mostly contains items that have withstood the test of time and are just as popular now as when they first made their appearance. The Tank Française was released in 1996 as a sportier version of the Tank Américaine and has graced the wrists of stylish, influential women such as Princess Diana en Michelle Obama.

While I like the Tank Solo which comes with a leather strap, this watch looks slightly more simple and sleek and a bit more modern. My colour of preference would be silver as I don’t wear gold jewellery. And also a smaller model than the one pictured below. I know owning a watch seems redundant nowadays but I don’t consider it very different from a bracelet. I just see it as an accessory and I like the thought of not needing my phone to tell the time. Which was incredibly helpful during my days as a museum guide.

Long term wishlist Céline box bag Cartier tank watch

Céline Box bag

The Box bag is still relatively new ‘on the scene’ compared to these other items. For a short time it wasn’t known if this bag would still be produced under Heidi Slimane when Phoebe Philo left Céline. So far, so good but I wouldn’t be surprised if it slowly disappears at some point. I’ve made my peace with it. However beautiful it may be, it’s not very practical for my lifestyle.

Burberry trench coat

I’ve been working on a post about trench coats so I’ll keep this part short. A trench coat will never go out of style. That is, if you opt for one of the more classic styles. So Burberry is the only logical choice here. I have to admit, they have so many different options that, at this point, I can’t narrow it down to just one design. Just from looking at the website, my first choice would be the Relaxed Fit Tropical Gabardine Trench Coat or maybe the Westminster.

Well, that’s it! If you managed to read this entire post, respect to you. I know a long term wishlist isn’t necessarily the correct term here because I won’t be buying most of these items (if any at all). Not now, not in the future. But no harm in dreaming, I suppose.

It’s funny that now that I’ve reached the end of this post, I realize that most of the things listed are accessories or coats. I suppose it’s somewhere in the back of my mind that clothing isn’t a great investment. Especially as you grow older and your weight fluctuates over time. Nobody needs to dress head to toe in designer clothing/accessories to look stylish. Imagine those Chanel flats with a pair of black jeans and a simple white blouse. They don’t have to be expensive to make you look put together. Just one simple statement piece goes a long way.

Do you have a long term or an in-case-I-win-a-lottery wishlist?