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Welcome to the weekend everyone! I’m going to skip the apologies for being away and tell you what’s up at the moment. I’m currently working another job at the museum due to my boss’s maternity leave. Because this job entails also working the occasional weekend, that leaves me with little time to blog or to take pictures. We are also in the process of buying a lovely house from the 1930’s with original stained glass windows, wooden floors, original tiling in the hallway and kitchen etc, we have been looking for it for the longest time, who would have know that finding your dream property is this hard. We still have a few anxious weeks ahead of us though because our mortgage needs to be approved. So fingers crossed!

But, back to my job for a second… Each year I organise a trip for our volunteers to thank them and this year we visited Museum Voorlinden which opened last month and its Ellsworth Kelly exhibition. Honestly, one of the prettiest museums I ever had the pleasure of visiting. I’m going to sound like a Tumblr cliche but I really loved Ellsworth Kelly’s simple line drawings. And speaking of line drawings, I’m very much intrigued by the blouse in the picture. Although I’m personally not into prints, this particular piece of clothing really drew my attention. It reminds me of those delicate Matisse and Picasso portraits.

And now that we’re on the subject of clothing, I acquired several new things and renewed my love for some older pieces such as my Isabel Marant pea coat from 2011. Sometimes I wonder if I need to get rid of things that I haven’t worn in a while, like the aforementioned coat. But when it comes to my more expensive purchases, they always prove to be smart investments which I only need rediscover from time to time. I’ll try and show you the purchases and coat soon!

Any pieces of clothing or accessories that you recently rediscovered?

bye germany hello london

Germany was loads of fun. Even though the average age was around fifty where we were staying and the nearest shop and bakery are in the next village which was a twenty minute walk away. But that was quite alright as we got to enjoy the steep vineyards and the sun on our way there. We visited a few of the surrounding towns and climbed our way to the Reichsburg, the largest hill-castle on the Mosel, in Cochum.

But I’m back and for some reason I started to write multiple posts all at once and I can’t seem to finish any of them. I blame it on the new Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’ which you all need to start watching asap! I did find a couple of minutes though to book a trip to London in September. It’s going to be my fourth time visiting the city and I’m sure there’s still a lot to discover. So any tips are, as usual, very much appreciated.



It’s been a couple of weeks since my last update. Ever since I cut down on shopping – yes, even more than before – I feel like there’s simply not that much to tell. I still very much enjoy this blog and will continue to post but I don’t want it to solely focus on consumerism. That said, I don’t know what I should focus on as I won’t be doing much traveling (saving to buy a house) and while I personally have a great passion for art, I totally understand if you guys don’t. So instead of going outside and live life to the fullest while overthinking my blog, grandma here decided to pick up Tumblr. I’m still trying to figure it out but it seems like fun. I’m sure some of you guys are on Tumblr as well, so please share your page below so I can follow you and waste my precious time on yet another social media platform, haha.

Also, I know that some readers have a similar blog of their own and I’m wondering how you guys feel about consistently writing about (potential) purchases, outfits etc. I enjoy reading and writing about it but I don’t want to encourage unnecessary shopping.


I went to the ‘Excitement‘ exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam this weekend which was, as the title suggests, quite exciting. The exhibition features some of my favourite art works and artists from different Dutch museum collections. I also have very fond memories of working with curator (and former director) Rudi Fuchs and some of the art works shown in this exhibition when I was doing an internship at the Van Abbemuseum and I conducted research for a reinstallement of one of his older exhibitions in 1983.

Earlier that week my boyfriend and I decided to undertake a last minute trip to Antwerp, Belgium. Biggest mistake ever! The weather was terrible and we were soaking wet after just one hour of strolling around. We did try to make the best of the situation and always enjoy each other’s company so we still had a bit a fun. One of the reasons we went, is that I had to return my A.P.C. bag to the store. Apparently I was one of the lucky persons to buy a bag from a batch with a production error. The girl at the store was well informed and incredibly nice and they’ll fix it for free so no hard feelings towards the brand. Shit happens. I should have it back in four weeks.

Remember my post on planning a summer wardrobe? It’s going better than expected as I have already found the perfect high waisted trousers. As for the other items, I’m still deciding. I’ll write a post on my favourite options soon and would love to hear your picks.

And finally, I moved on from JT and Drake’s One Dance is my current jam #noshame.