Oh dear, it seems as though Christmas has arrived early in the form of temporary international shipping by Everlane. From today until Sunday November 22, Everlane is shipping to 50 countries for a flat rate shipping fee of $15. Truthfully, I’m excited and slightly bummed at the same time. I’ve been contemplating a purchase for months, maybe even a year already, but now that I finally get the chance I feel a bit overwhelmed. I just spend a good amount on my A.P.C. bag and I would feel terribly guilty to spend yet another large sum of money on clothes etc. And also, if I do decide to make a purchase, what am I supposed to get and which size do I need? It’s all so good!

One of the things that’s on my mind is their cashmere turtleneck. Remember, I posted one in my fall/winter wish list post. The price seems quite reasonable but I like my sweaters a bit oversized and the large size in black is all sold out. So now I’m wondering if I should get it in medium. I compared the measurements to my Uniqlo sweater, which I find perfectly oversized, and it seems as though the Everlane sweater in medium is even a tad larger in the chest area. Should be fine right? Ugh, sometimes I hate shopping online especially when it’s so difficult to return something and I’m not sure about the sizing. At least I still have a couple more days to decide. For now I’ll leave you with some of my favourites. Oh and please let me know if you have any recommendations!


Ah, the A.P.C. Half Moon bag. If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you probably know that this bag has been on my mind for quite some time. Heck, I even mentioned it in my very first blog post. Did I need it? Honestly, no. But clearly, I lack a considerable amount of self-control when it comes to bags and also, it’s absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been carrying it for two weeks straight and even though the design is quite simple, it’s gotten a lot of compliments already. It’s also a lot sturdier than my Céline trio bag and less prone to scratches. So I feel much more relaxed carrying this little one. Now that I finally added this beauty to my bag collection, I can’t think of any other bag I would like to own (except for the Céline box bag, which is not even remotely within reach, but a girl can dream, right?).

On an entirely different note, my grandmother asked me what I would like receive for Sinterklaas (a Dutch holiday somewhat similar to Christmas) and I’ve been thinking about asking for a Tiffany bean necklace in the smallest version. I think it would be nice to own a piece of timeless jewellery that will remind me of my grandparents. That said, I also love the Diamonds by the yard necklace, but it’s a lot more expensive so I would definitely offer to pay part of it myself (I could never accept such an expensive gift). What do you guys think?

Wearing: bag: A.P.C. (€325), coat: Filippa K Dean coat (last year), Turtleneck: H&M (old), Pants: Uniqlo x Lemaire (on sale for €49,90)


Getting dressed is no longer stressful. Dressing up in the morning is so much easier when you know you look good because every piece of your small wardrobe works well together and fits perfectly. You no longer have to worry about trends as you naturally gravitate towards certain styles and colours that compliment each other.

Your closet is remarkably well-organized. Remember that one shirt or pair of pants that was a so-called wardrobe favourite, but after a while was completely overlooked because there were at least a million other options hanging in your closet? Fewer clothes means you don’t have to spend hours on end trying to organise an overstuffed closet as it’s already clutter free.

Quality over quantity. Buying less means saving money. Money that you are partly able to invest in quality items that you truly need and enjoy. When your closet consists of beautiful garments that you love, you will most likely have less desire to add to it. And also, you get to wear them on a regular basis. So why not buy that gorgeous designer coat that you will cherish and wear for many years to come?

Less clutter means less distractions from what’s important in life. Of course, the occasional shopping trip can be fun and relaxing, but by cutting down on frequent shopping sprees, you have more time to spend on things that truly add value to your life.



I hadn’t worn my silver diamonds-by-the-yard bracelet for months, because I needed to get it cleaned. So I brought it to Tiffany & Co a couple of weeks ago, not only for a thorough cleaning session but also to have it shortened a little because I already lost it once at work when it got caught on my coat. Several heart attacks later, I finally found it under my desk with a broken clasp. It is one of the first gifts that I bought for myself in order to celebrate something. Because why not treat yourself every once in a while?

I love it when things that I bought in the past are reminders of certain accomplishments or events. Like the aforementioned bracelet; I bought it when I was first offered my job at the museum. It was only for a couple of months at that time, but it was everything I had been working up to at that point after years of studying. As a matter of fact, six months prior I had finished my last temporary freelance job and I was getting pretty anxious because finding a job in the cultural sector is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

From that point on, I allowed myself to buy something nice every time my contract was renewed. The Balenciaga bag and boots, the Céline trio bag are all the result of hard work. And sure, they’re also part of my 5 piece French wardrobe adventure which allows me to invest in a few quality pieces every season, but linking a purchase to an important or happy event makes it even more special. Every time I look down to my wrist and I see that bracelet, I feel the same sense of excitement that I felt when I landed that job.

Have you ever bought something to remind yourself of a special occasion?