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  • planning a summer wardrobe

    I’ve never had a summer wardrobe. In my teenage years I felt very uncomfortable about the┬ákeratosis pilaris (chicken skin) on my legs so I never wore skirts, dresses or shorts. Such a shame really because I’m sure no one would have noticed. Instead I stuck to jeans. Yes, just jeans, even in 35 degrees celsius […]

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  • review: a.p.c. half moon bag

    Last year I bought myself the A.P.C. Half moon bag and figured I should write a review on it as there aren’t that many helpful reviews out there at the moment. I love to read about people’s experiences before deciding on such an expensive purchase so maybe this post will help a few people out. […]

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  • New in Wardrobe

    Don’t you hate it when you’re proud of yourself that you actually managed to cut down on clothing purchases the past 6 months and then the sales hit? Yeah, me too. I bought not one, but two striped tops these past two weeks. Because as we all know, you can never own too many striped […]

  • Beauty New in

    Did I need any new beauty products? No. Am I a sucker for new formulas, pretty packaging and limited editions. Without a doubt. So while I didn’t plan any new makeup purchases, I could’t resist a nice discount on Chanel. I ordered the Chanel Eau de Teint from the 2019 Les Beiges collection and the […]

  • Long term wishlist Chanel two-tone ballet flats

    Because, don’t we all have one? A list of covetable pieces for which you have an inexplicable desire. Quite often well out of our range, price wise. For now, or maybe forever. Or perhaps they are within range but you’re just not ready to bite the bullet because you know they are ridiculously expensive and […]

  • whats in my bag 1 daarboven
    Small Luxuries

    I have had this blog for almost 5 years now and surprisingly, I have never done a classic ‘what’s in my bag’ post. With the birth of my new baby aka the purchase of my Loewe Puzzle bag, I figured this was a good time. So, this bag hasn’t left my side every since I […]

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