Yes, another holiday gift guide! No wait… I promise it’s going to be good. I hate stuff that serves no purpose other than collecting dust in your house, so I’ve only selected things that actually come in handy, or someone would wear a lot.  Some are really affordable, others a bit more expensive. But it all depends on your budget of course. I know I would be happy with any one of these items, cheap or not, and perhaps you would be too (or your friends and loved ones). Let me take you through it. 1. Fashionology silver necklace (€35) – what’s not to love. Perfect for every day. 2. Topshop cashmere hat (€59) – I’m addicted to cashmere. I love how warm and soft it is. Quite expensive, but well worth your money. 3. APC cardholder (€85) – I could definitely use this cardholder. My wallet only has room for 4 cards and I always lose the rest. It’s also great for when you’re wearing a small bag that doesn’t fit a lot. 4. That same goes for the Comme des Garçons pouch (€70). 5. And finally a small mirror. My Balenciaga bag came with a small mirror, but when I’m carrying another bag, this would be great for when there’s an entire meal stuck between my teeth. 

holiday-gift-guide-16. HEMA longer lasting lipstick (€3,50) – a beautiful cool red matte color and super affordable. Seriously, if you’re not going to buy it as a gift, buy it for yourself. No regrets, I swear. 7. Case Scenario marble iPhone cover (€20) – anything marble is always a good idea. Right now I have a transparent iPhone cover that turns yellow after just a few weeks. This is already my second one, but I definitely need a replacement soon. 8. HAY comb (€11) – one of my favorite brands. I love their minimalist designs and would buy the entire collection if it wasn’t so darn expensive. This pretty comb is great for HAY lovers on a budget. 9. Malin & Goetz Cannabis candle (€14) – no, I’m not trying to sell you drugs! Although it’s easy to get addicted to the scent of this candle. Even my boyfriend loves it. The large one might be a little too much, price-wise, but the small one would make a nice, somewhat confusing, gift. 10. H&M leather gloves (€20) – are great for everyone, male or female. 11. Fashionology silver bar studs (€15) – small delicate jewelry is always on my wish list. I recently lost one of the only tiny silver studs I own. So a replacement like these would be nice.


*I wrote this post before my London trip but I was so busy at work that I didn’t get the chance to actually post it.

Let’s do a small update on my 5 piece French wardrobe adventure before I head to London in a few days. I’ve been doing surprisingly well. At the beginning of the season, when all the new look books showed up online, I almost had a moment of weakness. Everything seemed to be my style and as usual it all looked so good on those tall, skinny models. So after a few try-outs, I quickly came to the conclusions that most of it didn’t suit my body or didn’t look quite as nice in person as it did on the interwebz. So basically, shitty fabrics and short legs saved my bank account.

So far I’ve only bought a camel knit and a light blue blouse by H&M. Truthfully, I don’t really know how long both will last, but a couple of somewhat trendy seasonal pieces are fine, in my opinion. I want to spend the other three open spots on a few pieces that will last me longer than this winter. First of all, I hope to find a striped Comme des Garcons shirt in London. I tried finding one in Amsterdam and Paris, but no luck so far. So that makes three purchases. We’ll have to see if I even make it to five items this season.

Next to those two purchases I also bought a black T-shirt at H&M to replace my old one. I like the rolled up sleeves and the fit was almost perfect (mind you, I like my shirts a little oversized, not fitted). It’s holding up nicely, so definitely two thumbs up. Now if they would only release a discount code so I can stock up on those high-waisted black skinny jeans again. Although I suspect my co-workers think I only own one pair of jeans. Oh well… Stay tuned for my London purchases!


Since it’s a rather depressing Monday, I thought I’d cheer you up with some random thoughts on blogging that popped into my mind while scrolling through a list of blogs on Bloglovin’ on my way home from work. Enjoy!

* All white interiors. Because you don’t need a place to actually live in. Are you even allowed to touch anything? I do need that marble tray though.

* Full-time bloggers posting how busy they’ve been and didn’t have the time to write a new blog post. Busy with store openings, press days and taking Instagram pictures of their lunch. You should have written me a blog post so I could at least forget about this guy leaning against me on the train for just one minute.

* Fitness blogs. I hate them. Because I’m too lazy to go to the gym. I don’t have to be reminded of that.

* Food blogs. I hate them. Because I’m too lazy to go to the gym. I don’t have to be reminded of that.

* Ending on a positive note though. It’s really impressive how much time people invest in their blogs, even turning them into a small business. I can’t even manage to post once a week, let alone every day. Especially now, when it’s dark before I get home and it’s extremely busy at work. I should probably start working on my planning skills.

So how was your Monday?

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I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so my skin needs to look it’s absolute best. I mean, spending 10 minutes concealing any imperfections or spending an extra 10 minutes in bed? Yeah, my thoughts exactly. So I don’t mind investing in skincare brands like Grown Alchemist. Especially when the products are free from chemicals and animal testing, and the packaging is made from recyclable glass en PET plastic. Although I should probably mention that I’m a sucker for pretty apothecary-style bottles and minimal graphic design too. Anyway, I bought the Grown Alchemist Facial Kit with a couple of travel size products so I can try the brand without spending a lot of money on just one product. It makes a great gift as well since it comes in a cute hand made box with gold foil. I’m excited to see if it does anything for my skin. My Kiehl’s products used to work really well, but lately some of them make me break out a little. Fingers crossed!

Any favorite skincare brands you would like to share?

PS. If you would like to try the Grown Alchemist products for yourself and you live in Europe, make sure you order from Space NK. Their shipping rate is really acceptable.