I’m back! And this time with 4 great alternatives for the uber expensive Acne Canada scarf. Yes, I do own one, but I got lucky a few years back and found mine on sale over at the mens department on Matches Fashion. Anyway, in case you’re looking to invest in a similar wool scarf that’s a little more affordable, check out the ones below. Most of them are 100% wool, except the one from COS that contains 10% cashmere (how awful, right?). But the very best part? They’re all under €60.

Left: H&M (€39,99), Right: Weekday (€45,00), Other options: COS (€39,00), & Other Stories (€55,00) 


Whenever I’m visiting the department store de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, it’s pretty easy to locate me. I’m either trying out new stuff at the Kiehl’s stand or drooling over Céline bags in their bag department. Seriously, they sell the best bags. But yesterday’s visit made me think about how blogs influence our shopping habits and how we always want more. Even though I already own two of my dream bags I couldn’t help but look around for the next possible purchase. I’m lucky that I can afford the occasional splurge now, but I still remember looking up to several blogs as a student. Seeing girls my own age, or maybe a few years younger even, spending thousands of dollars on designer handbags and buying new items every week, I wanted that too. But being a student and paying for everything yourself (housing, insurance, tuition, food etc.) by working in a supermarket, leaves little money for designer goods or clothes and accessories in general. Nevertheless, it’s really easy to get carried away with wanting all of the items posted on your favorite blogs.

Now that I have an actual grown-up job (I thought that would never happen after 11 years of studying), it’s great that I’m able to treat myself every once in a while. However, I do realize that posting expensive items on the internet on a regular basis may give the impression that I can afford it all. But trust me, I can’t. Buying luxury items is all a matter of prioritization. My salary is pretty average (but I really love my job so it’s all good) and then there’s the monthly bills of course. I live in a rented house with my boyfriend and we split everything 50/50. Bills get paid first and we have a monthly budget for groceries etc. The rest is ours to spend. Most of my money that’s left over goes into my savings account though, so I always have something to fall back on in case of emergencies or when I want to buy something expensive from my 5 piece French wardrobe list.

Speaking of the 5 piece French wardrobe, a little while ago I promised to post a list of my five must-have pieces that I’m planning to buy this season. Well, you know what, so far that list contains 0 items. I started one with a couple of things I liked (not loved) and a few really expensive things. You see, I have my eyes on a gorgeous Acne leather jacket and the Saint Laurent Lulu bag, but something is holding me back. I’m not yet convinced that they’re both timeless pieces that I can wear for a couple of years and I would hate to find out that I’m over them in 6 months. When I bought my Balenciaga bag, I knew I would love it forever. I bought one of it’s first knockoffs right after I saw it on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in 2005 and was still madly in love with the design 7 years later. But these… what if I just caught the fashionblogger-bug and want them because I’ve seen them so often on other blogs and instagrams?

I really dislike the fact that I am not always indifferent to fashion blogs and the way they portray a perfect lifestyle filled with gorgeous expensive things. Let’s face it, nowadays some of these (full-time) top bloggers need to make a living and their blogs aren’t so different from commercial advertising. It’s hard not to get sucked in. I mean, would that pair of Acne Pop jeans or my Isabel Marant coat be hanging in my closet if blogs didn’t exist. Who knows. I probably wouldn’t have even known they existed. So to make sure I’m not making a huge mistake, I’m going to put that leather jacket and Saint Laurent bag on my wish list for a while and we’ll see how I feel about them in a couple of months.

So tell me, do fashion blogs have an influence on your shopping habits? And if you own a blog, do you ever feel pressured into buying new things in order to create posts and keep your readers interested?


Yes, a list of three things I totally didn’t need but bought anyway this year. One turned out to be a winner, the others not so much. Because even when you carefully plan your purchases, a mistake every now and then remains hard to avoid. Sometimes you’re convinced you bought the item that was missing all along, only to come to the conclusion several months later that it’s still hanging in your closet, brand new and unworn.

Margiela Beach Walk
When I bought this, I totally believed I would wear this all throughout summer, but I didn’t. It’s a lovely scent that reminds you of the beach (well, duh!). But after wearing Molecule 01 for several years, which is really subtle, this fragrance was just too present. I could smell it all day around me (maybe that’s a plus though, great lasting power) and in the end it gave me a headache. I could have avoided this if I had taken a sample home. You know, try before you buy. Lesson learned.

Zara loafers
The perfect example of the description above; still brand new in a shoebox. Do I like ’em? Yes definitely, but they hurt my feet. Are you familiar with a hallux valgus better known as a bunion? Because that’s where I’m heading, with both feet. I’ve never worn high heels, or at least no higher than 8 cm. And I don’t wear those on a daily basis. It’s heredity, lucky me. Since they’re made out of real leather, I might try stretching them a little to see if that helps. That last sentence pretty much describes the problem by the way. I try to find excuses or solutions for something that shouldn’t be a problem to begin with. Raise your hand if you ever bought a pair of shoes that felt too small, big or tight and you thought to yourself: it’ll be okay if I wear them a couple of times / buy a pair of insoles/ stretch them and the whole thing turned out to be one big dissapointment. From now on I’m only going to buy shoes that are comfortable from the first time I try them on.

Acne Pop jeans
These jeans fall in the category ‘winner’. I was a bit skeptical about the fit at first but after I tried them on, I was sold. However, I didn’t want to buy them for a whopping €210, so I decided to wait until the sales started. Maybe I would get lucky, and I did! My skinny jeans are still my everyday go-to jeans and I don’t wear them as often as I should, but they are definitely a great addition to my wardrobe and I can’t wait to wear them again when it’s spring.


Oops! I already bought two new basics for this season. A new oversized cashmere sweater by Zara and a pair of pointed chelsea boots, which are quite similar to Acne’s Jensen boots. I contemplated those Acne boots for a short while but ultimately decided to pass on them because of their hefty price tag and my current sushi addiction. If these Zara boots end up on my feet every single day, I may have to rethink that decision though, but for now I’m happy with these. The sweater feels amazingly soft and will surely become a wardrobe staple. I love the oversized slouchy fit and the slightly longer back. Unfortunately it’s no longer available in blue, but you can still get yourself a pretty red or cream jumper here. I think that covers my basics for the season. I might have to replace my black highwaisted jeans but other than that, I’m good to go.