Sorry for confronting you with the soles of my shoes. Just #keepingitreal, you know, because I wear my stuff and I wanted to post a reminder that although I frequently write about purchasing clothes, shoes etc, I also take very good care of the things that I own. Nothing gets discarded unless it’s absolutely worn out. You can fix a lot more than you may think and many simple things, like having your heels replaced for instance, can expand the longevity of your wardrobe.

I was happy to receive two pairs of boots back from the cobbler last week. I always procrastinate the visit because I feel lost without my go-to shoes (I’m so dramatic) and I can never get home in time on weekdays to pick them up. The cobbler was impressed with the quality of my shoes and I must say, I am as well. The Aeyde boots have been on heavy rotation ever since I got them and are holding up nicely.

My Isabel Marant Deyissa boots originally have a leather sole so I had an extra protective sole added and I plan on wearing them more often now that I won’t have to mind the rain or snow. The rubber sole looks a bit bulky in the picture but is actually nicely in line with the original sole. My Aeyde boots are a different story. These have been worn countless of times so in addition to new heels I also had rubber toe taps added (remember, I wrote about the awful paving at my local train station that ruins the tips of your shoes?)

I know that the internet and many cobblers as well, are constantly debating whether or not you should add protective rubber soles to your leather shoes. In my opinion it all depends on the circumstances. Where you live and what the weather conditions are like, how often you will wear them etc. Many a shoe lover will claim you should wear your shoes the way they are made. I get that. But in my case, leather soles and Dutch weather are a terrible combination. Not to mention that leather soles can be very slippery. I wear my shoes regularly and want to enjoy them as long as possible. So this solution works for me.

So to end this blogpost, please don’t think this blog is all about purchasing new things. Yes, I do buy new clothing, accessories etc., make collages around possible purchases and I love to write about it to keep things in perspective for myself. But for the most part, I get much more pleasure from the wardrobe that I currently have and will put in the extra effort to make sure that I can enjoy everything as long as possible. For instance, I would rather fix the Aeyde boots than buy a different replacement pair. Because they make me happy every time I wear them.

What do you do to ensure longevity of your wardrobe?

Oldies But Goodies Part I

I thought it would be nice to write more about my wardrobe. Not the new purchases but the old tried and loved items that I have had for years. This jacket is one of them. I bought it through Ebay in 2010, just before the Isabel Marant craze started. At the time, the brand was hard to find here in the Netherlands so I had to try my luck in other countries or on Ebay. They probably sell for less than €100 on Vestiaire Collective right now but I bought it for a good price anyway. It was as good as new.

Back in 2010 I used to be a museum docent and felt so awkward whenever a student was wearing the same garment. So my mission was to find clothing that looked sharp but not overdone and also not so common. It turned out more versatile than I expected and it’s a great alternative for the traditional blazer. I suppose it’s a hybrid between a blazer and a cardigan? I’m able to dress it up and/or down, for day and night. I’m pretty sure I even went to a hardcore punk show in this jacket once LOL.

As I hate doing outfits photos, here’s an old picture of me wearing it. The strong shoulders are something I look for in any jacket or blazer. My hips are a little wider than my shoulders (yep, I’m a pear), so this balances everything out. What I especially like though, is the length of the sleeves. Usually they’re much too long on me but these fit perfectly. I know I have written before that you should buy and keep clothes for the body that you have right now but I’m happy that I held onto this jacket when I gained some weight. It took me a while to lose it but I can finally wear it again.

Isabel Marant jacket, Topshop straight jeans, H&M t-shirt, G.H. Bass Weejun loafers, Balenciaga City bag

It’s funny that I mostly wear it the same way as I did when I first received it 8 years ago. With a pair of black jeans and a white t-shirt to keep it somewhat casual. Otherwise it feels too formal for my taste. I’m quite particular about which t-shirt I wear underneath because of the neckline of the jacket. It shouldn’t be visible if I wear the jacket closed. Also, it’s needs to be a solid white. The jacket already has structure and different hues so the rest of the outfit needs to stay simple. On trend? Probably not. But it makes me feel put together and comfortable and that’s all I need.

What’s the oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe?

I was getting tired of writing about new purchases and wish lists all the time so I wanted to try something different and focus more on the things that I already own and appreciate. I hope you enjoy reading about this as well.


I can’t believe how cold it was the last few weeks. I know, it has been a lot colder than this before but for some reason I have been having extra trouble keeping warm. Luckily, I didn’t get rid of my Acne Studios Galaxy sweater. I received some messages on Instagram if I was willing to sell it and I contemplated it for a while as the design and fit are quite contemporary (it’s like, so 2014). But at the moment I’m glad I didn’t sell it. It has been the subject of many conversations at work (positive ones) and it is also the warmest piece of clothing I own right now.

Because of its contemporary design, I tried to keep the rest of my outfit simple. I have been wearing my Isabel Marant Atea coat non-stop. You can never go wrong with a classic pea coat. The fit is actually slightly more oversized than you see below because the sweater is so bulky. For the rest, it’s just a plain black pair of skinny jeans and black ankle boots. When I go outside, the Acne Canada scarf and A.P.C. bag are the final touches to this outfit. Oh and please excuse the awkward pose and phone glued to my hand. I honestly don’t know what to do with myself when I’m trying to shoot outfit pictures.

cold weather essentials

An anonymous person asked me on Tumblr what my 5 cold weather essentials are, so I figured why not answer the question in a blogpost. I know, I’m cheating a little here but candles improve any bad weather situation so they’re not necessarily a cold weather essential.

1. Double-breasted wool peacoat from Isabel Marant (similar here)
2. Ambre candle from Diptyque
3. Cashmere cardigan from Uniqlo
4. Lambswool scarf from Acne Studios
5. Black chelsea boots from Massimo Dutti (similar here)
6. Lip balm from Kiehls or Nuxe

Now tell me yours!