Presenting one of my simple fall uniforms. It will come as no surprise that my striped shirts are still in frequent rotation. I wonder when and if I’ll grow tired of them. I have yet to acquire a classic breton striped shirt from Saint James, but it’s definitely on my list for when the time comes that one of my current shirts needs to be replaced. The rest of the outfit mostly consists of old loves, such as a navy Isabel Marant peacoat (I told you about my rather extensive coat collection, right? I could never be a minimalist), a pair of Zara chelsea boots which are unfortunately not as comfortable as I had hoped them to be when I bought them last year, and my beloved Balenciaga city bag.

The only new addition to my wardrobe is a pair of blue jeans that fits me perfectly. Now, I absolutely loathe trying on jeans or pants in stores (fitting room mirrors are the devil) but I made an exception during my last visit to Amsterdam because I ripped yet another pair of old jeans and I was desperate to find a suitable replacement. Turns out that these are a nice change from my usual black jeans while staying within the range of my preferred dark colour palette.

Left to right, top to bottom: Boots: Royal Republiq (€135,95), Jeans: Weekday (€45), Coat: Etoile Isabel Marant (old), Shirt: Saint James (€56), Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Coco Rivoli ($36), Bag: Balenciaga city (€1395)


Hi there! Long time no see. I have been M.I.A. for quite a while and I figured it was time for a comeback. I will keep the reason for my sudden absence short; I have been taking care of my grandfather who sadly passed away in April.* Surely you’ll understand, blogging was the last thing on my mind. But hey, let’s give it another go! Let’s talk summer uniforms while we’re still going through a heat wave.

Above I present to you my current summer uniform which mainly consists of new purchases I made last month. Even though temperatures have risen to an extreme, I still want to look somewhat put together, and for me, this outfit does the trick. I panicked a little when I read the weather predictions and realised I had hardly anything to wear. Jeans were definitely not an option and the few tops I owned had been literally worn to death. As much as I’m all for careful wardrobe planning and thoughtful purchases, I quickly decided I wasn’t prepared to spend a small fortune on a pair of designer trousers and t-shirts that will be washed over and over again the upcoming two months. So instead, I opted for more affordable options.

1. H&M white t-shirt. Even though I usually prefer a round neckline, I really like the fit of this particular shirt.
2. Weekday Ella trousers. You can never go wrong with a pair of gray classic trousers. They’re supposed to hit just above the ankle (If you’re two metres tall maybe). But cuffs work just fine and I like the look with sandals.
3. Tiffany Diamonds by the yard bracelet. I bought this bracelet years ago after I saw it on Geraldine Saglio from French Vogue and I landed my first ‘real’ job. It’s delicate and subtle, just how I like it.
4. Chanel Illusion D’ombre eyeshadow in Mirage. This eyeshadow is pretty awesome. It has a silky cream texture in a beautiful gold shimmery shade. It comes with a small brush, but fingers work just as well.
5. H&M sandals. A tiny bit of colour to spice things up. They’re actually pretty comfortable for just €25. I bought them on a whim, but so far no regrets.

Those last two sentences pretty much sum up my recent shopping experience by the way. When things are cheap, they’re can be pretty hard to resist. Just €8 for a t-shirt? Let’s get three of them. Do I really need those sandals? Well, they’re just €25. But trust me when I say I’m back to my old responsible self again. I will soon start planning my fall/winter purchases.

Now tell me, what do you prefer to wear when we’re dealing with temperatures as high as 36 degrees celsius?

* Sorry for casually mentioning such a sad event in a post like this, but I did want to give you guys a short explanation for my absence without writing a separate post and going into details.


I’m back! And this time with 4 great alternatives for the uber expensive Acne Canada scarf. Yes, I do own one, but I got lucky a few years back and found mine on sale over at the mens department on Matches Fashion. Anyway, in case you’re looking to invest in a similar wool scarf that’s a little more affordable, check out the ones below. Most of them are 100% wool, except the one from COS that contains 10% cashmere (how awful, right?). But the very best part? They’re all under €60.

Left: H&M (€39,99), Right: Weekday (€45,00), Other options: COS (€39,00), & Other Stories (€55,00) 


zara-hm-cashmereFour relatively affordable cashmere sweaters for those looking to stay warm during fall. Now I know that when it comes to cashmere, you usually get what you pay for. The quality of cashmere depends on the thickness and length of the fibers. The longer the fiber, the better the quality but also the more expensive. But let’s be honest, not everyone can or wants to pay €400 for a sweater. And although I don’t mind investing some money in quality basics, I personally have some really good experiences with cashmere from Weekday and Zara. I’ve had both sweaters for over a year and they still look great. Now we only have to wait for temperatures to drop!

Top: Uniqlo (€55,40) , Weekday (€100) Bottom: H&M (€69,99), Zara (€139)