Wardrobe roundup 2014

So the year 2014 is behind us. The perfect moment to look back on my shopping behavior and the purchases that I’ve made throughout the year. Overall, I think I did fine. Except for the last month. This December I spend a lot more money than I had originally planned, and although I could afford each purchase without having to live on bread and water for the rest of the month, I feel slightly guilty and a bit disappointed even. But then, who knew London is a shopping Walhalla and I would be tempted by so many beautiful and highly covetable things. You’re right, probably everyone except me. Oops! But in my defense, I still stuck to the 5 piece French wardrobe method and didn’t even make it to five pieces for Spring/Summer. So I guess that balances everything out. Or do you feel like I’m cheating? I’m always up for a reality check whenever I need one.

Stan Smiths
H&M cardigan
Zara loafers

I’m just going to be straight with you. I hate shopping for spring/summer clothes so I tend to avoid it as much as I can. Which is the reason why I never made it to five pieces and why two of those purchases are shoes. Most of the time I’ll just wear a simple tee and a pair of jeans or cotton trousers. I feel too uncomfortable in dresses and skirts unless I’m camping and I really don’t care how I look. The cardigan is a bit of a cheat I suppose, because it’s made out of wool. So not very summer approved. Although I did get some wear out of it during the evenings and nights at the Lowlands festival.

Céline bracelet
Comme des Garçons striped shirt
Acne Galactic knitted sweater
H&M sweater
H&M light blue blouse
Uniqlo cashmere sweater

The two H&M items were bought at the beginning of Fall. I had seen the Acne Galactic sweater at the Bijenkorf and settled for the cheaper version because the original was too expensive. A few months later I found it on sale just before Christmas, so I might sell the H&M knit. Not sure yet. The light blue blouse could be counted as a basic, but it has a pretty contemporary cut to it. Oh, now that were talking about basics, what do you guys think, should I count the striped shirt as a basic? Someone commented in my ‘let’s discuss basics‘ post that she would include a striped shirt, so that made me think… Anyway, a cashmere sweater was also on my basics-list. But since I already bought one at Zara, this one from Uniqlo is extra, I obviously didn’t need it. To round the fall/winter purchases up, last but not least, my Céline bracelet. It cost a small fortune so definitely not a basic.

White blouse (replacement)
Black T-shirt (replacement)
Converse Allstars (replacement)
Zara cashmere knit
Longchamp travel bag
H&M slippers
Zara ankle boots (replacement)
Black skinny jeans (replacement)

On to the basics. A lot of replacements, as you can see. My previous blouse had some ugly stains from my deodorant (too much info?), so I’m giving the &Other Stories one a try. The jeans, ankle boots, Allstars and black t-shirt were all over a year old. I recently even ripped a pair of jeans when putting them on. I like to believe it was because they were all worn out and not due all that sushi I had over the weeks. Basics that didn’t need to be replaced, but I felt were necessary, include a large travel bag (Longchamp), a pair of slippers and a cashmere sweater. So how did I do? And please share how your year went, shopping wise. I’d love to know.