Treat yourself

I hadn’t worn my silver diamonds-by-the-yard bracelet for months, because I needed to get it cleaned. So I brought it to Tiffany & Co a couple of weeks ago, not only for a thorough cleaning session but also to have it shortened a little because I already lost it once at work when it got caught on my coat. Several heart attacks later, I finally found it under my desk with a broken clasp. It is one of the first gifts that I bought for myself in order to celebrate something. Because why not treat yourself every once in a while?

I love it when things that I bought in the past are reminders of certain accomplishments or events. Like the aforementioned bracelet; I bought it when I was first offered my job at the museum. It was only for a couple of months at that time, but it was everything I had been working up to at that point after years of studying. As a matter of fact, six months prior I had finished my last temporary freelance job and I was getting pretty anxious because finding a job in the cultural sector is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

From that point on, I allowed myself to buy something nice every time my contract was renewed. The Balenciaga bag and boots, the Céline trio bag are all the result of hard work. And sure, they’re also part of my 5 piece French wardrobe adventure which allows me to invest in a few quality pieces every season, but linking a purchase to an important or happy event makes it even more special. Every time I look down to my wrist and I see that bracelet, I feel the same sense of excitement that I felt when I landed that job.

Have you ever bought something to remind yourself of a special occasion?