The things we do for fashion

This weekend I was catching up with my favourite bag forum and my jaw dropped reading some of the stories on the Hèrmes forum. Now, I’m not even into anything Hermès (I don’t even know how I got there), so that might explain why some of the things that were discussed are completely foreign to me but still, I’m surprised by the things we sometimes do for fashion. For example, who knew that you have to spend thousands of dollars on all kinds of accessories to earn the trust and respect of a sales assistent in order to finally get your hands on the iconic Birkin bag? Or that women actually wait in line for several hours, day of after day, during their stay in Paris because maybe you’ll be one of the lucky few today that will be offered a Birkin? Admittedly though, I’ve done some silly things myself in the past.

I have done things such as setting my alarm clock at 6 in the morning hoping H&M would finally restock that coat that I had been lusting over for weeks. Another time I sat behind not one but two laptops and the app on my phone when the H&M x Isabel Marant collection launched. It was impossible to get onto the website, so I finally ordered over the phone. And let’s add the purchase of my Mansur Gavriel bucket bag as well. I spent an entire day refreshing their website to order said bag. Oh, and I paid an additional $100 for international shipping. Seriously, what was I thinking!?

The examples above are obviously shopping related, but let’s not forget the physical pain that some of us put ourselves through for the sake of fashion. Granted, that’s nothing new because women have been suffering for style ever since the early Middle Ages; foot binding, corsets, heels that are much too high etc., but it never ceases to amaze me that we continue to think that it’s okay to be in pain as long as we look ‘beautiful’ or ‘fashionable’. Personally, I think the best way to look good is to feel comfortable with yourself and the clothes that you are wearing. Nobody needs a pair of sky high heels to look gorgeous.

Any thoughts or embarrassing stories you would like to share?