Remember when I wrote about those worn down Adidas sneakers I kept wearing to work? Yeah, I just posted a picture of them on my blog. Because first of all, I’m kind of tired of seeing images of clothing and shoes on fashion blogs and Instagram accounts that look like they have never been worn. If I’m happy with something that I bought, I’ll wear it religiously and ultimately it will end up looking like this. And that’s okay, albeit somewhat sad because that means I’ll have to throw it out and either look for a replacement or move on until I find something else.

So that brings me to the second reason why I’m posting this picture; I’m having a hard time throwing some of my old stuff out and I’m trying to convince myself they need to go. Because let’s be honest, these shoes, in their current state, are not a good look. But for some reason I get emotional attached to certain things and I always feel like maybe they’ll come in handy in the near future. Also, they’re extremely comfortable and I’m not ready to drop a €100 on a new pair. Having a small wardrobe clearly has it’s perks and it’s disadvantages. For instance, since I don’t own a lot of clothes and accessories, the things I do own get a lot of wear, which is great because I love them, but consequently they don’t always last as long as I would like them to. That said, I would feel awful if I found these shoes, still unworn and perhaps no longer my style, in the back of my closet after years of hoarding. Wouldn’t you?