To me, one of the most important basics in a wardrobe is the t-shirt. A simple white t-shirt to be more precise. Whether you like yours fitted or slouchy, thick or sheer, you can never go wrong with a white tee. I love the easiness and versatility of it. It can be worn casually on it’s own or used as a layering piece underneath a sweater or blazer. There’s only one drawback when it comes to this wardrobe staple. Because it’s so simple, it needs to be perfect.

Fabric: Cotton tees, like this way maker shirt, have my personal preference, but linen t-shirts are great as well. Especially when temperatures are rising, these shirts will keep you cool. Unfortunately linen wrinkles like crazy, so be prepared to iron. Lyocell/tencell is a fabric that requires zero ironing and feels and looks a lot like silk (for the lazy, yet chic ladies amongst us).

Fit: Oversized or fitted, that is the question. I vote slightly oversized. Why? Because that’s what looks best on me. I feel too body conscious for figure hugging tees. But if you like your shirts fitted, please do the world a favour and avoid a bra that’s too tight. You know what I mean..

Neckline: There are quite a few options when it comes to a t-shirt’s neckline. The V neck is generally considered the most flattering neckline for all body types. But I suggest you try different t-shirts to see what works for you (boatneck, rounded neckline etc.).

Sleeves: My former favourite t-shirt by Isabel Marant has a cap sleeve that looks really flattering. But unfortunately it has a hole in the front and I don’t know if I can fix it without being noticeable. In general though, a regular short sleeve is a better option for me. Which looks much nicer on a slightly oversized tee anyway.

Below you’ll find three of my favourites options in different price ranges. At the moment I’m practically living in the last tee from H&M. I love the rolled up sleeve, the neckline and the fit. So pretty much perfect. Now let’s see what it looks after a few washes…

Etoile Isabel Marant ($175) / Frame Denim ($80,00) / H&M ($9,95)

What are your requirements for the perfect t-shirt? And did you find it already or are you still looking?

Image: Pinterest


Oops! I already bought two new basics for this season. A new oversized cashmere sweater by Zara and a pair of pointed chelsea boots, which are quite similar to Acne’s Jensen boots. I contemplated those Acne boots for a short while but ultimately decided to pass on them because of their hefty price tag and my current sushi addiction. If these Zara boots end up on my feet every single day, I may have to rethink that decision though, but for now I’m happy with these. The sweater feels amazingly soft and will surely become a wardrobe staple. I love the oversized slouchy fit and the slightly longer back. Unfortunately it’s no longer available in blue, but you can still get yourself a pretty red or cream jumper here. I think that covers my basics for the season. I might have to replace my black highwaisted jeans but other than that, I’m good to go.


Before I present to you my wish list of five for this season, let’s discuss basics first. Last week I wrote about the 5 piece French wardrobe and how a high quality, well-chosen selection of basics is key to making this work. Over the years I’ve read a lot about this shopping method and some people seem to wonder what qualifies as a basic. For instance, I hardly ever wear skirts or dresses, so I don’t consider them basics but they might be for you. What’s important to keep in mind is that your basics are the items that hold your wardrobe together and make it easy to mix and match with your investment pieces (aka those 5 items you’re spending your money on).

So here is my list of wardrobe essentials:

– T-shirts in black, grey and white
– A white and black long sleeve
– A cashmere sweater or cardigan
– A white (preferably silk) shirt


– Black skinny jeans
– Grey skinny jeans
– Blue skinny jeans
– A pair of black trousers


– Black ankle boots
– A pair of black flats or loafers
– Sandals
– Converse sneakers

– A trenchcoat
– Black leather jacket
– Oversized winter coat
– A black blazer


– Medium sized black bag
– Small black/navy bag
– A delicate bracelet or necklace
– Silver watch

Pretty basic right? I could throw some of these items on and be done for the day. Admittedly, it wouldn’t be the most exciting outfit, but since I made sure I bought the best basics suited for my body, I would feel 100% comfortable, put together and myself. And to me, knowing that I look my best and not having to worry about anything, is the most important thing. Now tell me, what would your list of wardrobe basics look like? Would it be very different from mine?