Hello. I’m Jessica and I live in the Netherlands with my boyfriend and our two cats. For years I had the intention to start a blog, but it wasn’t until the end of August 2014 that I actually dared to take the plunge. My blog Daarboven (title inspired by one of my favourite artists Hanne Darboven) is a personal blog about the never-ending process towards a well-edited wardrobe and a bunch of other stuff such as art, music and life in general.

I currently work in one of the largest museums of the Netherlands. I’m sure my family is super excited that I actually have a job because for a while it seemed as though I would be a student forever, having studied graphic design, fine arts and art history. Although some people might brand this blog as ‘minimalist’, I don’t necessarily agree because there’s still a lot more work to be done when it comes to my wardrobe and lifestyle in general.┬áSo feel free to join me on this journey.