The joy of buying less

Getting dressed is no longer stressful. Dressing up in the morning is so much easier when you know you look good because every piece of your small wardrobe works well together and fits perfectly. You no longer have to worry about trends as you naturally gravitate towards certain styles and colours that compliment each other.

Your closet is remarkably well-organized. Remember that one shirt or pair of pants that was a so-called wardrobe favourite, but after a while was completely overlooked because there were at least a million other options hanging in your closet? Fewer clothes means you don’t have to spend hours on end trying to organise an overstuffed closet as it’s already clutter free.

Quality over quantity. Buying less means saving money. Money that you are partly able to invest in quality items that you truly need and enjoy. When your closet consists of beautiful garments that you love, you will most likely have less desire to add to it. And also, you get to wear them on a regular basis. So why not buy that gorgeous designer coat that you will cherish and wear for many years to come?

Less clutter means less distractions from what’s important in life. Of course, the occasional shopping trip can be fun and relaxing, but by cutting down on frequent shopping sprees, you have more time to spend on things that truly add value to your life.