Currently on my mind

I went to the ‘Excitement‘ exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam this weekend which was, as the title suggests, quite exciting. The exhibition features some of my favourite art works and artists from different Dutch museum collections. I also have very fond memories of working with curator (and former director) Rudi Fuchs and some of the art works shown in this exhibition when I was doing an internship at the Van Abbemuseum and I conducted research for a reinstallement of one of his older exhibitions in 1983.

Earlier that week my boyfriend and I decided to undertake a last minute trip to Antwerp, Belgium. Biggest mistake ever! The weather was terrible and we were soaking wet after just one hour of strolling around. We did try to make the best of the situation and always enjoy each other’s company so we still had a bit a fun. One of the reasons we went, is that I had to return my A.P.C. bag to the store. Apparently I was one of the lucky persons to buy a bag from a batch with a production error. The girl at the store was well informed and incredibly nice and they’ll fix it for free so no hard feelings towards the brand. Shit happens. I should have it back in four weeks.

Remember my post on planning a summer wardrobe? It’s going better than expected as I have already found the perfect high waisted trousers. As for the other items, I’m still deciding. I’ll write a post on my favourite options soon and would love to hear your picks.

And finally, I moved on from JT and Drake’s One Dance is my current jam #noshame.