Kusmi Tea

I don’t like coffee. There, I said it. Never have and never will. Luckily one of my co-workers feels the same way. She was the one to introduce me to Kusmi Tea. After she told me she ordered it all the way from Paris and it’s 100% natural with no artificial ingredients, I got curious. Must be good right? Well, it is. I tried it in Paris at Galeries Lafayette and I got instantly addicted, right then and there. Since I couldn’t decide on the flavor, my boyfriend bought me a gift set with several mini tins of their ‘must-have’ teas for my birthday.

In case you got curious yourself (those little cute tins, come on!), you can buy Kusmi Tea here. And it turns out us Dutchies no longer have to order it from Paris, but you can get it at De Bijenkorf and at &Klevering. It’s pretty expensive, but you’ve got to treat yourself every once in a while, right?