New year, same old me

Can you believe my last post was from November? Just before Black Friday? Yikes! I lost track of my blog. Traveling to work every day (my commute is at least 1,5 hours, so a total of 3 hours) and those dark, short days, really got to me. Thankfully longer and brighter days are upon us. Crazy how much that can do for your mood and physical wellbeing. Anyway, how are you guys? I see I still have followers on Bloglovin’ so hopefully some of you stuck around. For the new readers, I would love to know how you found my blog!

I contemplated doing an overview of my purchases of 2018 but are those still a thing? Is blogging? LOL. I mean, I would gladly take you through a year of incredible failure regarding wardrobe building but I’ve done so many overviews already so I kind of presume you’ll be bored. And if you have been reading this blog for a while, you’ve seen most of it, to be honest. Let me know if I should do one anyway. I can promise you this; it will make you feel better about your own spending.

I absolutely loathe that ‘new year, new me’ talk so it’s only logical to use it as a title for this post, right? Except for the fact that there is no new me. I’m still happy with my wardrobe and the things I purchased last year, which were mostly summer clothes. My loafers, trousers and t-shirts have been calling my name for weeks. It’s nice to look into your closet and to see so many things from a year ago (or longer) that you can’t wait to wear again. None of them have gone out of style. So I like to believe I have a good eye for that.

One thing that slightly changed over the course of last year is that I no longer feel the need to fit a certain style. I had that short Parisian chic moment but I’m not cut out for it. And it’s fine. I’m back to wearing what suits my body best and not looking at pictures of women and style that aren’t even in the slightest bit attainable (you shouldn’t either).

So what else can I share in this update… I bought most of the things I talked about in my Black Friday post. Except for the sweater and the blazer. The blazer didn’t suit my skin tone and the sweater seemed a little too boring. The Dr. Martens came in very handy during a few winter days which is why I bought them in the first place. Oh and I finally got my hands on Santal 33 by Le Labo at Liberty in London in January. Ridiculously expensive but such a wonderful scent.

I’ll leave it at that for now and will get on with writing a few new blog posts that I have in mind. By the way, you can find a sneak peak of my latest purchase in the picture above. You’re not allowed to guess if you follow me on Instagram though 😉